Existing Workstation\Network Environment:
Netware 6.5 sp5 (soon to be upgraded to sp7)
Windows 2000 and XP workstations, configured to NOT connect to a domain.
Each workstation has a local user account named LUSER
Each workstation has Netware Client 4.91 sp2 (some sp3's) installed on it.
The workstations are configured to auto-login to the workstation using the
LUSER account, and to prompt for a login to NDS
Within Netware, the DNS server is configured to provide addresses for
NDS Context is "MYDOMAIN"

I now have to add a Windows 2003 active directory domain to my network. The
plan is to have active directory users with the same user names and
passwords as NDS. The AD will support MS Exchange Server 2007.

Based on info from other posts, having purchased Netware back when it was
just 6.5 and without software maintenance, I'm only entitled to a licence
for the "DirXML Starter kit".

For experimentation purposes I've already set up a Windows 2003 AD. Using
that I've managed to configure a test workstation to connect to the AD as
user LUSER. I created an account with the same name as an NDS user, but
can't connect to that because it's not a user on the local workstation.

1) Can anyone offer suggestions as to what I will need to do in order to be
able to get my workstations to connect to AD? Can it be done with just some
changes to settings in the Netware client?
2) Will I have to change every workstation from WORKGROUP to DOMAIN mode?
And then what do I do to the Netware client?
3) AD wants DNS and DHCP set up on the primary controller. Should I abandon
the DNS/DHCP server running on my Netware servers and just use the one
running on the Windows 2003 server? If not, and I set the AD DNS server to
forward requests to the Netware DNS server, what domain name should I
configure on the AD server. That is, if the Windows 2003 DNS server domain
is "mydomain.com" and the Netware server's DNS is named "mydomain.com" won't
they conflict with each other?
4) What will happen with all the application settings stored within the
workstation "C:\Documents and Settings\LUSER"? Is it safe to assume they'll
disappear and that I'll be spending a lot of time reconfiguring applications
on workstations. .

I look forward to your response