Am purchasing a new server to migrate our current old NW51SP8 box from.
Would appreciate some tips. I've read through various postings but some of
the postings and TID's referred are older and want to see where things stand

Firstly the server in question will be running a GroupWise system (MTA,
POA's, WebAccess, GWIA) with PO subdirs totalling 100-150GB, general file
system access for 50+ users, runs backups (ArcServe 11.1 SP2) overnight,
anti-virus, GWAVA, and an Apache web server for some sites we host. The
biggest pull on the server during working hours would be GroupWise for sure
(quickfinder index runs, searches, mass moves, ...).

Starting with memory, I see postings that say that NetWare 6.5 will
efficiently use memory over 4GB and others that say there's no point...
which is correct? The server I'm looking at (PEDGE 2900) can easily handle
4/8/12/16+ GB, and if it's going to make a difference in GroupWise
performance or even backup speed I'll gladly fork out for 8 or even 12GB.

CPU's next, there's dual core and quad core options as well as 2nd
processors, how will NetWare 6.5 make use of the additional processor power?
I'll gladly get 2 quad core processors if there will be a noticeable benefit
over a single dual core one.

RAID level 5 version 10, if memory serves it's better to get RAID 10 if the
2 mirrors in the RAID are on different channels (same RAID controller or
different less important). Is this still correct?

Thanks for any tips!