I've looked through tons of TIDs and posts and am unable to find anything helpful.
The wake on lan policy is starting properly for one of our servers, but does not send any packets when the policy is supposed to start. Zenworks has been reinstalled on the server a few times after I found this issue. All other servers are setup the exact same way and thier policy is working fine. Through C1, I can manually wake up an entire workstation container.
All settings in the server package (between the nonworking and working servers), and the WOL service object have been verified. I've even drilled into SYS\ZENworks\RemMgmt\server\properties to verify that the settings are correct. The logs in SYS\ZENworks\RemMgmt\server\logs\zenworksrmservice are only showing that the service started, but do not show any packets being sent.

We're running:
NW 6.5 sp6
ZW 7 sp1 hotpatch1
All of our Netware boxes are in VM sessions, but should not have anything to do with this

Any help would be great. I need to be able to set this policy for all of my buildings to wake up so I don't have to.