I can see why they call this a cluster!

I have cluster services installed and tested and things look like they are working. Now I am getting ready to move my groupwise secondary domain, and I am confused about the names - very confused actually.

When I go to NoRM, I see a resource called gwpool1_server and gwpool2_server. When i map a drive, I see the names bkdomvs, and pmdomvs. During the ncs install, i renamed *something* to these names as I do recall.

Here is what I have in console one
1. NCP objects "bkpdomvs" and "pmdomvs" (along with my 2 physical node ncp objects).

2. Volumes "gwclstr_bkdomvl" and "gwclstr_pmdomvl", (along with my physical node vol objects)

3. Cluster object "gwclstr"

4. Pool objects "gwclstr_gwpool1_pool" and "gwclstr_gwpool2_pool' (along with my physical node sys pools).

I do not see gwpool1_server or gwpool2_server in consoleone like I do in NoRM. I thought the virtual server was the same as the ncp server, which is same as the resource -ugghhhh.

I have to change the unc path of my backup or secondary groupwise domain before moving it. Do I choose bkdomvs or gwpool2_server in that path? I also checked to make sure i have consoleone snapins for clustering and I do.