So I got these shiny new HP 6515b laptops here, running WinXP (32bit) on an AMD Sempron platform. Testing out some server migration stuff to make sure my documentation is all right, and it turns out that trying to install printers from iPrint triggers DEP and crashes DrWatson, the Print Spooler Subsystem App (spoolsv.exe), hangs up Firefox/IE7, and locks up the iPrint Client.

I tried turning off DEP by added /NoExecute=AlwaysOff to my boot.ini file, and it still crashed.

So I thought about it, and wondered if it was the fact I was using https (SSL) to access my iPrint website. I modded my apache config to stop redirecting to https, and tried installing again, and boom! Success!

So It seems the bad combination is an AMD Sempron (betcha Opteron and Turion's will see the same issue), https, and installing via FF or IE7 crashes the print spooler. Probably something in the encrypted traffic just nukes some array buffer somewheres (which triggers DEP).

I figure this is a bug, as I never saw warnings that using the iPrint website over https could cause problems and wanted to file it somewheres, without having to call into the Novell Support Line. The Support Radio rocks, but the $650 charge does not :)