We have deployed the latest Exchange Gateway server and still uncovering
small nuances. If an Exchange user sends an email to multiple GroupWise
users, who has a handheld syncing device (GMS or BES) and that user tries to
reply, it fails because the email addresses in the email is not an SMTP
address, but the GroupWise Explicit address - in this case, it has a format
of userid.First Administrative Group.Exchange_domain. We are also seeing
the GroupWise addresses specified as userid.postoffice.domain

Is there any way to force the gateway, GroupWise or Exchange to stamp the
emails to use SMTP addresses for all email addresses (sender and
recipients), rather than the explicit GroupWise address?

I have turned on Internet Addressing override and chosen the preferred
address format of userID@Internet domain name and chosen the same for the
Allowed Address formats (we only use this format). The internet domain name
is also an override and I've plugged in our Domain.

In case I didn't make it clear, here's an example.

GATESB is an Exchange User
HAPPY1 is one GroupWise user
HAPPY2 is another GroupWise user

GATESB sends an email to HAPPY1 and copies HAPPY2.

In the PDA, the email is from GATESB.First Administrative Group.Microsoft

In GroupWise, the email came across with the information as shown above.

A reply to all or just a simple reply will fail. What I would like to see
on the PDA and GroupWise is:

In the PDA, the email is from GATESB@ourdomain.com
The TO field has HAPPY1@ourdomain.com
The CC field has HAPPY2@ourdomain.com

Am I asking for too much?