Hi together,

I posted a short shell script at the cool tools that might help to find the cause of one reason of high utilization on the zlm server. I know there might be many different reasons why the util is high, but we noticed on our zlm system with about 300+ managed devices that just a view managed devices can cause a high cpu utilization. The zlm client seems to stuck in a rug refresh action and does again and again hundreds of queries that all need to be processed by the zlm server. This short script analyzes the tomcat log file from the zlm server and counts the number of requests per device. The result table will show you that numbers and you might see systems with a very high number. Normally our systems gad about 10 requests, the problematic devices more then 8000. We just had ro restart the zlm clients and the problems were gone and the zlm server utilization was down.

The number of requests will differ from your installation because it depends on the number of bundles assigned. But in general you will notice if there are systemw ith a much higher number then the others.

Link to the tool:
Check ZLM Client Requests from Tomcat Localhost Access Log | Novell User Communities