I am not quite sure this is the right forum to post to, but I'll give it a try.
My question concerns this online documentation page:

Novell Documentation

It describes how to add external users to a distribution list. I have followed the instructions, but I am unable to define the external user's e-mail address. The list of internet domain names is empty.

All I am trying to do is to deliver mail to a GW-user and his home adress at the same time and without altering the sender - which is what a simple forwarding-rule would do.

I have one system with one domain, one postoffice, one gwia and one WebAccess-gateway only. Now I created the external domain and the external postoffice. Do they have to be told which gateway to use? Where do I configure their internet domain names? How do I assign the external users's mail address i.e. user@yahoo.de

Greetings from Germany