I have a NW65 sp7 network with 24 sites and 30 servers. All of them are
completely in syn except for my two new OES2 servers. I am not versed in
Linux to well. So I am not sure what to look for. The servers were setup by
a consultant who is not sure what is happening. Edir version on them is
20216.55. Both are running under XEN server on Suse 10sp1. Both servers
point to the Nw65sp7 time source server that all of the NW65 servers and my
one win2k server running IDM point to.When you run the test time button it
works. But for some reason one server is out by 1.38 minuets and one is out
by 3.12 minuets. If I try to change the minuets manually the time does not
change after hitting the accept button. Hardware clock is set to UTC. NTP
options are to run the ntp daemon in Chroot Jail. Automaticly to start at
boot. Sync type is "undisciplined local clock". The NTP server address is
aslo listed in the advanced NTP settings. These servers are on the same
network and IP scheme as the NTP NW server. Any suggestions?