Hi Folks,

I'm a long-time Zen user (started at 3.x) and am looking forward to moving to the new architecture. Before I do this, can someone answer a few design questions:

1. Database type: SQL or Sybase? I use the embedded Sybase database on Netware for 6.5 and it seems to run just fine.

2. Number of servers? I have a main campus of 6 buildings, about 400 staff, and 5 remote sites. Currently I have a master Zen server here on the complex and the local Netware server at each site is a Zen server and inventory rolls up to the master periodically. Do I need several primary servers or can one handle the load like my current system?

3. Communication over SSL? Is this necessary? I'm trying to think what sort of data would be transferred that might be of any use to anyone trying to hack/trace it?

4. Inventorying: I understand that you get a basic "Asset Management" software? Is this correct and is it another install?

Sorry for the beginner questions but there are no classes nearby, no books published yet, and the documentation doesn't address these issues (at least what I've read so far).