Hello! For the past 2 or 3 weeks, at exactly 11am CST, everyone on my network is suddenly denied access (403) to every web site. If I go into iManager and then Proxy Services and uncheck enforce access rules and apply the changes, then (obviously) everyone works fine again. I then have to wait a while - an hour or two - and I can check the enforce access rules again and everything is fine. This is, however, quite a problem since the high school students have figured out that they can go anywhere they want during this time. My proxy still tracks them, but since the rules are off, it doesn't prohibit where they go. It took me a while to narrow it down this far, but I'm not sure what else to look at. We're running BM 3.9, CPFilter 6.1. I've looked for any updates, but I think I'm as up-to-date on everything as far as I can tell. What could I look at next???

Thanks in advance for any help!