People (L)users just can't think outside the box. I go to the post
office, of which cars are lined up to get into the parking lot that is
at the front of the building. Left lane must turn left. Right lane goes
straight, where you can continue to the parking lot on the south side
of the building. Lots of parking there.

I go down the right lane

I park.

The maroon who is waiting (in a suicide door Lincoln) for a little old
lady to get in her car and back out is playing tiddly winks waiting for
her. She is slow, but moving.

I walk into the post office.
Hmmm no line at the automated postal machine. (I figured that would
happen but I didn't expect only 1 person waiting for mail clerk - lots
of people backed up waiting on maroon I guess)

I mail my packages and go back out.

Maroon is just starting to park. Cars backed up half a block that I can

I drive around the back of the post office and out and head for home.

It's a bad day at the post office if you can't think outside the box


Time flies like an arrow, fruit flies like a banana.

Would you say that a little slower please? I don't speak idiot and I
might understand what you're saying if you speak slowly and succinctly