2+ weeks without a single reply. Multiple calls to Novell, where helpful
well-meaning folks "on the inside" still cannot produce an answer, or even
someone qualified to try and give an answer. "Buy it and then submit a
service request". Yeah, right. That's the way the world works.

ISN'T THERE A SALES MANAGER somewhere within Novell that actaully wants to
move product? I'm starting to lose the faith. Perhaps OES is not
production grade? I sure hate walking over to Redmond, but my choices are
quickly narrowing, and is evident here, my attitude deteriorating.

Stuck in Seattle

Original post: 12/11/2007

Sorry to clog the blog with repetitions, but nobody is answering! Please
be the exception. Surely I'm not the first to try.

Novell document 3129578 lies! Apache server chokes on the directive
'AuthLDAPAuthoritative On', refusing to (re-)start the HTTP service if
that line is present in a .conf file. Even then, attempts to access the
defined document root result in an error 403.

Pure-FTP loads, but does not provide an accessible ftp site that I can

Severely Stuck in Seattle