Round 4

For this round, I have decided to once again give you a question to make your head spin:

For this round, please give the number between 0 and 10 that you think is closest to 10 times the fractional part of all the answers given. The person with the closest answer gets 20 points; the second one gets 19 points etc. If 2 people or more people give an answer equally close to the average, then scores are attributed by reply order. The answer you give does not have to be a whole number.


Let’s assume A gives the answer 4, B gives the answer 5.5 and C gives the answer 6.
The average of the 3 numbers will be 5.166... and 10 times the fractional part will be 1.66.... This means that A is closest and will get 20 points, B will get 19 points and C will get 18 points.

If you still don't understand, don't panic and just give any number between 0 and 10 without thinking. If you are lucky, your answer will be no worse than those given by people who thought too much about this problem.

As always, reply only by email to As always, you have one week to reply.

PS. The results for round 3 have been posted at