Hi all,

we are having some sync problems with our GWMS...but firstly here's our setup:

x4 Post offices, gwpo1.niwa.co.nz, gwpo2.niwa.co.nz, gwpo3.niwa.co.nz, gwpo4.niwa.co.nz
x1 groupwise mobile server

The GWMS was set up initially with po1 as it's authentication source, and all users with accounts in gwpo1 can sync anything and everything (mail, contacts, calendar, tasks) without a problem.

we then added gwpo2, gwpo3, gwpo4 as authentication sources -
in the intellisync MMC, right-clicked 'Intellisync Mobile Suite' -> Properties -> Authentication tab, Authentication sources button, add groupwise, and for each new source e.g.:

name = gwpo2.niwa.co.nz
groupwise server = gwpo2.niwa.co.nz

(and so on for gwpo3, gwpo4)

it then asks for a username/password that is in that PO, which goes fine.

With that all setup, gwpo1 users are still fine and can sync everything.
gwpo4 can sync fine
gwpo3 are fine

gwpo2 are not however :( I can login to the web interface as a user from gwpo2, but under Settings/Server Connections they have nothing (whereas users from gwpo1/3/4 have "Novell Groupwise (user) Pick Folders to sync")

In the intellisync MMC under logs/Server logs (Intellisync Mobile Suite -> Management -> Logs) I see this error:

RemoteException: HTTP transport error: java.net.unknownHostException: gwpo2

I'm pretty sure we haven't referred to gwpo2 as just that anywhere in the setup - it's always it's FQDN gwpo2.niwa.co.nz

I've tried, instead of adding gwpo2.niwa.co.nz as a authentication source, adding it's IP address instead, but same result (it seems to connect OK on the server, but when connecting to the web interface as a user s/he gets no server connection)

Any idea what the error is and why we're getting it? This is a biggy as the CEO is in po2 ;)

Weird thing: a user from gwpo2 can connect a mobile device and get all his/her calendar down. Any subsequent sync's download nothing however. No contacts/mail are synced (even the first time)

I think that's everything! Any help much appreciated!