i know it was discussed somewhere, but I can't find the thread, so i'm
starting a new one...

Per documentation, the minimum requirements for the workstations is 512mb
of ram, ok.
We do have some like this, winxp pro sp2.
Taking a pc like this, with zfd7 (with or without Novell client) was kind
of ok for speed.
Since zcm10 agent, this cralws the pc, but crawling, I mean 2-3mins to get
the login prompt, then another 30-60sec to get authentification, etc.
Specially on the first login, after a reboot.
sure, other applications are installed, like AV, lotus notes, etc (av is
not scanning the novellzenworks folder)

Personally, I think this is due to .NET, since the agents now runs in
.Net, and we all know, this is slower than regular win32 apps.
On pc with more RAM, this is kind of ok, but not everyone is giving users
pc with 4gb of ram ! :)
So, anyway to speed this up ?