ZCM 10.0.1 running on SLES 10+SP1.

I am looking at my workstation device. The Summary tab's "Primary User"
field correctly displays my eDir user account.

If I go to the Inventory tab, and then click on the "Detailed
Hardware/Software Inventory" link, which shows my full inventory
details, I see that the Primary User field has my eDir user object's CN,
but not the DN. All of the other fields such as Email, Telephone,
Department, etc are empty.

Most, if not all of, this information exists in the appropriate
locations in my eDir user object.

Is there anyway to get ZCM 10 to fill this stuff properly on its own?
Ideally this could be done without having to go through the chore of
writing scripts to parse this **** out, add it to reg keys to be read
during inventory scans, etc.