Hi all-

This memory leak I am experiencing has been going on ever since I put on
NW65SP5. (They are currently at SP7) I would like to get to the bottom of
it. The servers will run fine for about 27 days and then the "Short term
memory allocator is out of memory. x attempts to get more memory failed.
request size in bytes x from module NWPA.NLM" errors start.

This happens on 4 Netware 6.5SP7 servers running in VMWare ESX 3.01 with
1.5GB of RAM each server. Their primary roles are file and print serving
so there is nothing too heavy duty running on them. I'm fairly confident
it is related to the backups due to the NWPA.NLM error and the fact that
there is another Netware server in our shop that does not get backed up
that runs perfectly for months on end.

I just put in the LOAD TSAFS.NLM /CacheMemoryThreshold=1 option in
SMSSTART.NCF to try out. Does anyone else have any suggestions for
addressing this problem? I'm out of ideas.


Chad P
Mona Shores Schools