I have netware 6.5.7 Server and a standalone windows 2003 64 bit server .
I want to access the netware shares from the win2003 server since I cannot
install the novell client for windows on this 64 bit OS . The only option
I have is to use CIFS to gain access to Netware volumes. After spending
much time on the net and trying to search Novell knowledge base I still am
not able to login to Netware. I verified that that CIFS is properly
installed and configured using Cifs info novell docs indicate using simple
password for local mode but Sp7 only has universal password and I have not
come across a doc which applies to Sp7. When I access the netware server
from win2003 using \server-w I am prompted for a username , password but
none seems to work. I was hoping that someone here would be able to help
me proceed in the right direction.
Thanks in advance for your replies.