Please help. This is a pain. My wife uses the Novell VPN (version 5 maybe) to connect her XP Pro box to the Novell network at her employer. However, when she is so connected, she can no longer access typical internet sites/email via her DSL/ISP. Our local Windows intranet to/from her computer is also disabled. Once disconnected from the VPN, these abilities return.

I have read while browsing the web that this may be because the VPN is set to encrypt ALL traffic and that there is a way to change this so that we might be able to encrypt only the VPN.

Is this true? If so, where can I get more details? I have looked and cannot find anything installed in the Novell directory on disk or in any start button folder or in any Novell user interfaces that seem to offer this ability.

Thanks for your help in this matter.