I successfully migrated several servers to Dell PE650 servers over the
past few weeks. One of my servers is running ZENworks Desktop Management
and needed more RAM than the others. It also serves as a Secure Logging
Server for NAudit. I Have 4Gb of RAM in it now. It was not happy with 2Gb.

I have several servers that essentially do DNS/DHCP, File sharing,
Authentication, and NAudit logging to the Secure logging server. This is
literally all they need to do.

One of these is running 2GB and is quite happy. There are 25 users at this

Another of these is currently running with 1Gb of RAM and I am getting a
Yellow flag on Available Memory in Remote Manager, Server Health. It has
been up and running for about a week now, so I can probably optimize
Available Logical Space. There are only 5 users at this location.

I am about to migrate another server to a location with only three users.

Is there something else I might do on these relatively light-duty servers
to make that yellow flag go away?