We have an application to deploy that requires Microsoft Outlook to be closed prior to installation. However we want to be able to give our customers the ability to defer the installation of the application if it is not convenient for them. In order to do this we have set the application to prompt requesting the customer close Microsoft Outlook themselves.

We want to have the catch all that closes Microsoft Outlook should the customer click Yes. We have tried using the Pre-Distribution Process Termination option but this kills the Microsoft Outlook process before the customer receives the prompt to install the applicaton. We have also tried using Taskkill.exe within Distribution Scripts and Launch Script areas but again these also run prior the customer clicking Yes.

Is this the expected behaviour? I would have expected ZEN to wait for the response to the Prompt before Distribution to be answered Yes prior to running any process termination or scripts and not run them if the response is No.

Does anyone have a working solution to this please?

Thanks for your help.

Paul Smith