Hello all: I have never expanded an existing volume before
and really have no idea how to do it. I want to add three
more drives to a Proliant G385 server currently running a
RAID 5 array with three drives. I know I can expand the
array at the hardware level so that is not the problem.

Once I get the new drives on-line I will obviously need to
expand my nss volume. Currently I have the existing array
split into two partitions, and 8GB for sys and the rest (60+
GB) as a storage volume. All the disk space is used by one
logical volume, nss1. I want (if possible) to get this
volume to grow and use the new space.

So can you point me to the right tids which will detail how
I do this?? If I can't should I backup the data, toast the
partition and make a new one??

Thanks, Chris.