I have installed GMS2 sp3 to a Windows 2k3 server and the install went
without errors. Now I am trying to connect 5 motorola Qs to the server
and not having any luck.

First I tried to send sms via email to the phone to install client. But
the message never showed up on phone. if I send a test email from my
desktop the phone gets the SMS, but not from the server. Is there a
place I have to tell it what email server to use for sending?

So next I tried to install via PC I ran the downloaded setup file but it
says it can't fine a windows mobile profile that matches my phone and
won't let the install continue.

Next I tried manually installing. I found a place to generate stand-
alone install files and copied the smartphone2005m2m.cab file to the
phone via activesync and ran it and it looks like it setup OK. I go into
settings and it has my mobile server in and i set user name, etc. When I
force a sync it fails and says:

Unrecognized message from Mobile Gateway Server (0x202).

was that the right client for my device?

If you are still with me at this point I guess my questions are:

1. how is the best way to install client on Motorola Q (windows mobile 5)?

2. how does the client sync with GMS? via internet? if so do I need to
have my server accessible from outside firewall?

Thanks for assistance!