I have a very strange issue with one freshly installed OES2 server. By default, the novell-named is not configured to start automatically in any runlevel. I've configured the DNS server, and as long as you start it manually with "rcnovell-named start" - it works fine. But, if I change in Yast the runlevels in which it should automatically start to 3 and 5, the server stops functioning. It is still shown as "Running", but in "/var/log/novell/named/named.run" I get the following errors:

20-Dec-2007 22:37:45.305 general: control: notice: command channel listening on
20-Dec-2007 22:37:45.309 general: dns/master: error: dns_rdata_fromtext: /etc/opt/novell/named/adepec.local.db:3: near 'dns_adepecfs1.adepec.local.': bad name (check-names)
20-Dec-2007 22:37:45.309 general: dns/zone: error: zone adepec.local/IN: loading master file /etc/opt/novell/named/adepec.local.db: bad name (check-names)
20-Dec-2007 22:37:45.310 general: dns/zone: error: zone adepec.local/IN: zone is not loaded bad name (check-names)
20-Dec-2007 22:37:45.310 general: server: notice: running

To return it back to normal, I recreate the DNS server with iManager, but then it is not starting upon restart. Any ideas?

P.S. On a VMWare test OES2 server, which is more or less the same as the live one (the only difference is that the VMWare OES2 server has GroupWise installed), this problem doesn't occur, it has the same domain, same names, etc.. Very strange...