We currently had our old school-server upgraded (hardware). Now we
aren't sure whether it is possible to upgrade our server software, too.
Right now, the server in question is running netware 6.0, groupwise 6.5,
zenworks 4.01 and bordermanager 3.7 (yes, all on one server - it's just
for 400 users), latest patches and service packs installed.

We've got the licenses for nw 6.5 and bm 3.8, the only question
remaining is zenworks 4.01. Our users are relying on groupwise and
netstorage for access from the outside. Zenworks is used for application
deployment, imaging and inventory.
Can we still install zw 4.01 on nw 6.5 without the middle tier server or
does this affect any of the mentioned services? Do we have to reinstall
zenworks after upgrading to nw 6.5 and bm 3.8 or can we just
disable/uninstall the middle tier server?

Thanks for any help!