Hello all,

I would appreciate it if someone could give me a hand.

I am unable to install a second Primary server into my existing ZCM 10.0.1 zone. I receive the same error whether I try to install ZCM on a Win2K3 server or SUSE 10 server. The error that I receive is:

“Unable to contact the database server. The database address specified by the parent primary server can not be resolved by this server This usually indicates either a DNS resolution problem or that the database server could not be reached from this server. Try specifying your first primary server as the parent of this server”

The existing ZCM server is running on Win2k3. The database is a clustered MS SQL 2005 instance running on a two node cluster. The DB is not hosted on the same computer as ZCM. All of the servers are running on ESX VM.

(a) The existing ZCM primary server and db are functioning normally as far as I can tell
(b) The time in synch with the servers and the DB and DNS are up and working fine.
(c) The ZCM primary is using an internal certificate.