Hello all: Sorry for the x-post, but the folks in the ID
forum thought I should take this up here as it involves

I am an AD virgin and need to implement AD due to some CIFS
issues we are having. I am in the early design phase and
need to figure out a good AD name that will fit with our
existing edir/dns infrastructure.

For discussion purposes lets say my company name is
"FAKECO". Our internet url is fakeco.com. our nds tree is
fakeco_tree. Our internal dns domain is fakeco.cxm (o
replaced by x).

Since all our workstations are already setup with a dns
suffix of fakeco.cxm, I was thinking off just using that as
our AD domain name. My other thought was ad.fakeco.cxm. If
I go with the latter, I would need to setup a new dns zone
ad.fakeco.cxm and change all workstations to have the dns
suffix of ad.domain.cxm. This would certainly differentiate
the ad domain. If I go with the former I could keep all
settings on my workstations the same but that will result in
intermixing ad and non-ad machines (like our netware

My other dns zone name would be ad.fakeco This would also
perfectly match our tree as the top o=fakeco.

Any thoughts??? Thanks a bunch, Chris.