We don't have the option to use PXE boot on our network so we have decided to use the Zen partition. I made a boot cd and choose install Zenworks partition and it did and works fine.

My question is would there be any way to speed up the boot process? Right now each machine upon reboot will run from the Zen partition and load up Linux just like if you were booting from the cd and then see there is no work and reboot to load windows.
I am just afraid some of our users will start to complain about this.
I thought that when you PXE boot it checks first to see if there is any work and if not loads windows but if there is it then loads up all the linux files, do I have that wrong?

Can you have it load up minimally to see if there is any work and if need be load everything else to make the bootup a lot faster from the Zen Partition.


Scott Windmiller
University of Maryland
Department of Psychiatry
Information Systems