Let's say I have a service that I need to run all the time on a Windows
2000 server.

But I need that service to also perform file manipulation on a NetWare

I have the 4.91 SP4 client installed and while I can access files okay
when logging in "manually", the service is setup to run as:


with the same password as the eDir account.

The problem is that for some strange reason, a network trace shows that
it's trying to authenticate to eDir as:


Which of course, eDir replies with a -601 error

It then tries to do a bindery authentication as: userid

Which also of course, fails because we have no bindery emulation.

Ironically if I back-rev the client to 4.91 SP2c then it works.


Anyway, I'm not sure if the userid format in the Service -> Logon tab is
correct (It's setup that way on two other servers that I have that login
to eDir/NetWare just fine).

any ideas?