I am interested in setting up SFTP on an OES2 server and am find the
documentation for this thin. What I want to be able to do is replicate
my current FTP environment I have on Netware.

I want my users to login to an ftp server and have it default to their
home directory but they also can change directories and ftp to other
shared folders. The ftp server kind of acts like a proxy and the users
home directory or these shared folders are actually on a cluster of NW
servers. I would of course like this to all be secure and encrypted.

I did see the below cool solutions article but I do not understand if
this will provide what I need. 2 Parts of this installation I do not
understand are as follows. When configuring the LDAP client it says I
should select Do Not User LDAP and that I should select LDAP TLS/SSL if
my LDAP server needs it. The OES2 server I have has edirectory and a
root replica installed on it and my understanding is this installs an
LDAP server and groups. I don not understand if I need to install
TLS/SSL on my LDAP server? The second part I do not understand is do I
need to LUM enable all of my users? I have 20000 plus users and I have
no idea what users currently are using ftp services. If I setup a ftp
server on OES do I now have to enable every user in my tree? Is their a
down side to this or a security concern to this? The data they need to
ftp to and from is only on NSS volumes currently on Netware servers.


Also in this example they show opening up all the ports from 30000 to
50000. Is this necessary? Can I just open say 10 ports?

Finally will this accomplish my goal of being secure and encrypted?