4 machines now have been sitting for weeks, because we can't image them. I
applied the ZFD7SP1 IR1 update, hoping that this would solve it ... but,
still no go. We get the message:

"could not find zenworks installation source"

when trying to boot PXE to image the boxes. These are HP DC7800 desktops,
with intel 82566DM gigabit nics --

Is there some easy way to get this to work? I've seen in an earlier thread
reference to: ZENWorks Imaging: Mod Development Environment

I'll download this if it will help ... but since post HP2 the zen imaging
engine uses SLES10 -- will this VM even do what we need it to do?

I guess I don't want to become a in-detail zenworks imaging modification
expert, if I don't have to. Is there some easy way to add drivers?

It seems like I will have to follow:


But there is some question whether the above is updated sufficiently to
work with IR1 ... and then once I have a working VM I will have to follow
the confusing tangle of steps listed here:


Gees ... I guess there is no way possible to do zen imaging without
becoming a frelling expert in minutia. Sigh ... it SHOULD NOT BE THIS
******ING HARD TO IMAGE A NEW COMPUTER!!! Really, really, it should not.

Help, please ...