I am new to this OES thing.
I was originally trying to install Oes Netware 6.5 sp 7 to
a Dell poweredge t120 until I realized there was a compatibility problem.
Then I realized my openlicenses entitled me to Install Sles9 with open Enterprise server. Which the server is compatible with.
Right now I just downloaded all the 5 isos for Linux oes on sles 9 set.
Installing sles9 is straightforward because I have installed sles 10 before.
Question is how do I go about installing oes after I install sles 9?
I was planning on creating a brand new nds tree.
is this possible with linex-0es? I want my network to appear as if it were a netware network to the end user. can I create an NDS volume like Data to host my Data and have the xp workstations connect to the oes-linux sever via a 4.91 Netware client? Can I use the existing 4.91 xp client for netware or do i need to use the oes-linux4.91 client. right now i don't even know where to begin. I am planning on doing away with the old netware server because it has to many hardware issues. I believe because I bought the open licenses if I continue to use sles9 my licenses will not expire. But correct me if I am wrong. This is a small company and if I could host a virtual nds data volume indefinitely. That is all I really need to do.
Thanks for your help,