When I got to the Networking part of the oes1 install
Sles9 wouldn't detect my t105 Nic card. I went to select from a list but my Broadcom Etherlink Nextreme etherlink card was not listed.On top of that there was no browse function to point it to an external driver.
So I skipped that part and continued the install. when I got to the edirectory install I got an error at the slp configuration. the first option I used was no slp. got the error to 1 reconfigure 2 try again with same settings 3 abort install. I also tried the other 2 options for slp with the same results.
After aborting the edirectory install I got a message saying that Open Enterprise server was successfully installed. Although I have no idea if this is true or how to verify it. Called Dell for support on getting Nic card installed. Booted server with Knoppix to allow Dell to dial in. Dell was able to copy the driver to my LVM root partition.
I also had problems loading the driver after I booted backinto sles9.
They support sles9 on the t105 poweredge so he is obligated to help me get the nic card detected. I will follow up with him tomorrow. I don't know if the slp problems are caused by not being able to detect the nic card or not. Also if I do not want to reinstall sles9 how do I start the oes1 install again without reinstalling sles9? I have the complete oes1sp2 cd set. would I have to boot from the 1st through 4th disc? I believe the last three discs are the os.

Any advice or suggestions appreciated,