Ok, I am not sure if I am asking this question to the right newsgroup or if I am even asking an intelligent question but here goes anyway. I have been looking all over Novell's website to find out the answer for myself but with no real luck yet. So maybe you can help me.

I have a Netware 6.5 file server and a GroupWise 7 server running on Netware 6.5. My remaining servers are Windows 2003 member servers running Win32 client-server applications. I do not have a Microsoft Active Directory domain in my environment. All of my servers and workstations are running in a Window's workgroup. I need a to apply security on NTFS shares residing on these Windows 2003 member servers. Access to shared folders are a requirement for most of the Win32 client-server applications that run on the Windows 2003 servers.

I have looked into Novell Identity Manager to sync eDirectory and Active Directory. However, if I have to build and Active Driectory domain and buy Microsoft user CALS for every user in my organization then I no longer need a Novell Domain.

If I upgrade to OES 2 and use Novell Domain Services for Windows can I solve this problem without creating an Active Directory domain? If not, is there another solution to this issue?