Hi all: I am working on reconfiguring some group policies
delivered via ZfD 701 to our XP sp2 workstations. I want to
separate workstation-specific gp settings from user-specific
gp settings. So I have setup "Computer Configuration" and
"Security Settings" under my Workstation Package AND "User
Configuration" under my various User Packages.

Now given the above setup I am assuming that the group
policies will become a union of the two group policies
defines in the workstation and user packages. However,
inspection of the resultant group policy on the workstation
after login (using gpedit.msc) is showing that some of the
workstation package settings are not being applied. Most
notable are the DNS settings.

Is this type of abstraction not possible?? Or am I missing
a setting somewhere that will make this work??

All help greatly appreciated, Chris.