I need to test an image on a new desktop board that does not have
drivers currently in IR1. I am considering applying the HP1 for both
ZDM and imaging files so I can test the imaging process with the new

I am currently running ZFD7 SP1 R2 with the HP5 added for imaging. I
installed these this summer and thanks to the forums my understanding
is that R2 is the same as IR1, so I wouldn't be gaining anything to
apply the IR1...

New boards are Intel DQ35JO - what's the word on the street on the HP1
patch in beta right now? Good to go or not so good?

I'm assuming if the word is good, I can download and apply both
ZDM7SP1IR1HP1 and ZDM7SP1IR1HP1_img_resource_files in that order and
I'm, good to go?

By the way... is there a reference out there for the versions that
show in ZENVER and the service pack/interim release/hotpatch versions
for the ZEN products? I used to be able to tell these in a glance what
version I was running currently on the server, but now it is most
confusing until I check my installation logs to see what version I
last updated to.