I set up the test environment to work on the migration from NetWare 6.5
to SUse Linux Open Enterprise 2 using the following
I installed Suse Linux server first and install a NetWare 6.5 server
into the tree. I can see both of them in iManager and ping each other.
The problems I am having are:

1. When I tried to create a pool and nss volume at iManager, it shows
no available free space. I look at the hard disk and it shows o byte.

2. When I tried to view nss and pool info of NetWare 6.5 server at
iManager, I got the error saying "file protocol error occurred: cannot
open the NSS version file on the selected server. The NSS sotware may
not currently be running on this server".

I would appreciate it very much if someone can advise where I should
look into.

Thank you very much!