Hello all,

I have a 4GB SYS Pool and SYS volume.

The server is running NW6.5 SP7 - it was upgraded from NW6.

The problem I am having is I really need more space on this pool but I understand resizing pools can be an issue.

As a temporary fix, I would really like to clean up the drive but I want to make sure I can remove some stuff that may not be needed.

The server is running NW6.5 SP7 and ZfD 7 SP1 with IR1.

Is there any reason I can not remove ConsoleOne from the Public directory? It takes up nearly 400MB and that would be enough space for now.

Also, there is over 100MB in the Zenworks public folder and I see no reason I could not move/remove that.

Before I did either of these things, I was looking for some advice form the experts.

Any an all thoughts appreciated.

Steve D.

This is an old file server but I could reallocate the main pool and give more space to the SYS pool, if that is an option without too much work. The main reason for not doing too much work, is that this server will likely get migrated to new hardware this summer and I just need to keep it running until then.