I have a Lenovo X60 which I have finally been able to image
successfully. First off, this unit does NOT have a floppy or a cd drive,
so I was able to adapt a Zen 7SP1 image to a flashdrive and get it to
boot. All that is fine, but the X60 needed to have the drive mode changed
from the SATA AHCI to compatibility mode and havethe e1000.ko loaded
manually. Ok, but what I see is the flashdrive is now /dev/hda & the
internal drive is now /dev/hdb. When I go to restore an image, I get "No
available partitions for restore" error. By playing and tweaking it looks
like the IMG routine is trying to restore to the first HDD it finds and of
course this is now the flash drive so no joy. In the hardware sequence,
/dev/hda2-a4 are empty then /dev/hdb1-4 are also empty. I have tried using
"img pc4" but all this does is sets up the partition but we still cannot
restore to /dev/hdb1.

I have poured over the command line interfaces and not seen any
option to specify the drive where you want the image restored. Any help
would be greatly appreciated as this is a downgrade of 20 notebooks from
Vista and is a project that needs to be finished soon.

Thanks again!