If you have a file version has to be "less than" a specific version
requirement in your system availability section.

And it turns out that (for whatever reason) the workstation does not
have that file on there (like maybe the app never got installed), what

I'm looking for a way to basically NAL out Adobe Flash to anyone that:

a) doesn't already have it
b) has it, but has a version less than

Do I need to put both items in the requirements (which then kicks in the
boolean logic although the online help seems to indicate it works

If I have to put both in, the example given in the online help indicates
I would do an OR operation within the group

But in reality, it seems I would want to do an AND.

If files does not exist
file version <

(but in this case the app will never show up as I've not met the system
requirements until I change it to AND).