Last week I updated our NW65SP6 server to SP7. After that, I have one
problem with ConsoleOne - in the properties of User object I can't open the
"Login restrictions" tab. It says "Loading, one moment please..." and just
sits there forever. All the other tabs work fine. C1 is installed into
standard sys:\public\mgmt\consoleone directory on the server.

Another interesting thing is that Help-About menu still says 1.3.6e, even
though I understand that SP7 should have updated C1 to 1.3.6f. Looking at
the files in the C1 directory tree it seems that at least some of them have
been updated, but it's a large tree and hard to verify everything manually.

I had one problem when installing SP7. The installation stopped with error
message that some dll under the C1 directory can't be copied because it is
in use by some user. I kicked said user from the server and re-ran SP7
installation, which completed fine this time.

Should I just reapply SP7 to the server one more time, or is there some
easier way to make sure my C1 is up to date?

Toomas Aas