The solution to get VPN working was to use 2 files from a working BM 3.8 SP5


Ones that came on BM 3.9 CD simply gave errors on NW6.5 SP7 with latest TCP
scmlib.nlm from BM 3.9 CD shows NO Version info at all (must be corrupted?)

Solution was an old message from Gonzalo:


Testing way I used was:

startvpn gives an error on logger screen:

Exception in thread "main" java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError:

Manual load of authgw after previous ACL error also shows:

NBM VPN :Maximum Limit of -1 export restriction tunnels reached

Noticed that vpmaster is not loaded automatically
Loading it by hand works OK, but of course does not work

After that authgw loads with different error:

AUTH: NWPKIGetWrappedServerKey returned error code FFFFFB3DAUTHGW: Failed to
uire the VPN security keys.

>>> On 27/12/2007 at 08:53, in message <47736810.FFB7.0000.0@

(no_spam)>, Sebastian Cerazy<sebastian@ no_spam> wrote:
> 3.8 to 3.9 upgrade with not much of a problem.
> VPN on 3.8 was working OK, now I get:
> Loader cannot find public symbol: VPN_ACLCheck for module AUTHGW.NLM.
> Error
> processing External Records. Module AUTHGW.NLM NOT loaded
> Error is identical to TID (10092411), but solution does not work
> There is other TID (10095747) with simmilar erro, but I have no idea how
> it
> might relate to BM 3.9
> Thanks for help
> Seb