I have been searching for some documentation on installing Novell ftp on
a OES2. All I have seen on this is one short cool solutions article.
What I have seen generates more questions than it answers for me. Does
novell have any documentation on this at all? I also think their could
be a forum just for ftp. Seems you have to search a half dozen places
to find anything on this.

The documentation I have seen about setting up Novell FTP states it runs
on Pure-FTP.

I am looking for more information on whether with OES2 with edirectory
if I need to setup TLS/SSL.

Do users need to be LUM enabled in order to use this?

Can users cross servers and ftp to other netware, suse nss volumes, in
the tree?

How large of a passive port range do I need?

A brief explanation of the encryption and security of using this
product, whether it is sending anything clear text, whether this is
using SSL, or OpenSSH?