NW 6.5 sp7.

I applied SP7 this week, and I went to go into imonitor and found it
wasn't working. What I determined was that it was binding to the ip
address of the secondary network card which is on an isolated private
network to run backups over. If I jump on the backup server, I can get
to it via that network.

Ok that's odd I thought. No biggie, I'll just throw a
/ipaddr: on the httpstk so I have

httpstk.nlm /ipaddr: /SSL /keyfile:"SSL CertificateIP"

The problem is, this hangs the console with high utilization and it will
never finish loading the module. I rebooted the server, same thing. I
finally had to do a server -na and take out the /ipaddr.

The odd thing is, that's the primary IP address for that server on nic
#1. I have the same setup on another server, and httpstk binds to it's
primary, so I'm not sure why that one is grabbing the secondary which is
a 10.x.x.x range. That server is also SP7. Now I'm not saying SP7
caused this problem as it's been a while since I've been in imonitor on
that server, but it's possible.