I've gotten through installing/configuring LUM on 2 separate OES boxes
which are the first to be integrated into our current netware 6.5
environment. On both the boxes, LUM appears to work great testing with
gettent or doing su to a edirectory user. the only problem is with the
admin user. i cannot su as admin, and gettent does not show admin as a

the admin user has all the appropriate fileds filled out under unix
profile. the admin group which is in teh same top level container shows
up, and if i create another user in the same container as admin they show
up in linux.

i'm not sure if i've identified the problem but I think it might be ldap
based. From the oes box, if i use ldapsearch to filter by uniqueid=admin
or uidnumber=600 i get no results. using ldapsearch for any other valid
uniqueid or uidnumber returns the user i was searching for. i'm doing an
anonymous bind for that. if i bind with admin's credentials then I get
the results back for teh admin user.

so my question is, does LUM bind anonymously when trying to authenticate
linux users to edirectory? If so, how can I either

1) make my admin user seeable by anonymous bind.
2) configure LUM to bind as admin when doing user authentication.