I'm posting here, since I think this applies generally....

We have some workstations with multiple nic, let say for example a PC with
vmware workstation. This cause us some trouble, since, vmware is setting
by default 2 virtual NIC, with a dummy subnet (one for nat only, the other
for host only).
or, it can be also a nic without any IP set on, so Windows will see
169.x.x.x address...
Since into ZEN10, communication is bidi, it causes problem when refreshing
a device remotly, or asking inventory scan, or remote control..
looks like zen is taking the first IP, which is not always the correct
one. can we have a multiple choice, dropdown, or I don't know what, to
select the correct IP ? for remote control, we only have choice for dns
name, or the first IP. inv, no choice...