I have an IMB Thinkpad T43 with the fingerprint reader. I had some problems where once certain software installs/updates were added and i rebooted and the ethernet would not work. It would say connected, however there was no connection. cant access IE, IBM access connection, or network drives. So there is no connection whatsoever. And when going into device manager and try to reinstall or remove driver for ethernet the computer would just hang. I have narrowed it down to the Novell Client. I can install all other company software, but once I install novell i run into the ethernet problem. I first did this with SP2 and then tried SP4. The only differance is that SP4 asked me if i wanted to replace vrlogon.dll with nwgina.dll. I have tried both options and there is no differance. T43 is running XP pro SP2. Does this have anything to do with the fingerprint reader? has anyone had this problem or a similar one? Any help is greatly appreciated.