Finally after hours of painstaking fighting
with server reformatted deleted partitions with dos boot disk then
Dell install cd. Somehow got evms partitions installed. then got sles10 oes2 installed finally without any errors. However I can only connect to the server through a 4.91 Novell client by ip address as the server name.
I created a tree separate from the rest of my network called NEW_FAMILY_TREE but am unsure why I can't connect by tree name.
I also have no idea why when i run scsi-config in the post install why i don't get a cache control page like the oes2 install guide says. I can't figure out where else I can change the write cache to 0. Also after typing ncpcon so far the only command I have been successful running is Enable login.
How do i get to imanage or a console one like utility to manage users and groups. Also if I type nssmu I get a command not recognized error.
Under help I see a create volume command but have no idea what syntax to use to make it create volumes. All I really want to do is create a Data volume and Map it to Z:\data on the workstations and be able to manage users and groups. so far i can only connect via ip address in the server field of client 4.91 on my xp workstation and all I can see is my Sys volume and I think another folder mapped to Sys:\public. But I don't see any gui utilities in public to create any users and groups.
Hopefully someone can help me at least it works now
But I'm still lost.