Would a few of you mind sharing your opinions on OES2 and support for
Windows XP/Vista desktops? A little over a year ago I began entertaining
the idea of replacing NW6.5 with Win2003 as I was very disappointed in the
Windows Client support for OES1. While Novell leads the charge down the
Linux path suggesting everyone move to Linux desktops, my reality is we
won't be dropping our Windows desktops. So what do I do? I don't want to
get stuck with NW6.5 and no support...

I've looked around the web and it appears too me Novell is still not
offering a full feature Windows client for OES2, am I right about this?

I really don't look forward to managing a Windows server... but I have
Windows desktops that are not going away. What to do???

Thanks for everyone who takes time to replay.